Tuesday, August, 25

Having visited here with the hockey last year, I wanted Su to see it. A very quaint place, with lots of canals, old buildings and of course, waffles and chocolate.  

Went to the tourist office to obtain maps of the battlefields for later in the week and then walked through the streets to the Church of our Lady, which houses the statue La Pieta, one of the few sculptures by Michelangelo outside of Rome. Truelly beautiful.  

 Strolled down to one of the canals for a ride around the town. This enabled us to see the town from a different angle, and the boat ride was great. Saw many houses which command millions of euro for waterfront views.  

From there we went for lunch at the same restaurant I was at last year. Even sat in the same seat, but I do not have a compulsive disorder. Meal and waffles were excellent. Next door to the lace shop, went there last year too. Sampled many chocolate shops and dropped onto a bar which has 1,000 beers for some rehydration. It had started to drizzle with rain, so sny excuse. Showed DD’s and Su the hand basin in the male toilets. Yes I was here last year as well.   


yes this is chocolate
 There are lots of renovations underway here at the moment. Caught bus back to Myrtle, dropped onto the bar for some more rehydration, and then walked across to the restaurant on the other camp site. The park is so big it straddles the road on both sides.  

Dinner over, it was time to dodge raindrops back to Myrtle.

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