Saturday, August 22

Headed for Spa for our Belgium Grand Prix weekend. Lucky us, we would be camping at the circuit. Set up Myrtle and headed to the circuit, which was about 2kms away. We were camped at the top of the mountain and the track is built in, on and around the valley at the bottom. Walk back tonight might be interesting.

We were meeting a father and son from Melbourne, Brian and Nicholas Xerri, who were over for this and the Italian GP, but due to the crowd and area the track covers, we would do that after racing. Once inside the circuit, we had another trek to find a viewing spot. Another 2km walk. This GP stuff is great exercise. On the way we passed the area where all the F1 prime movers were parked. I counted 41 Ferrari trucks alone. Logistics is unbelievable. 

 Arrived at spot, on downhill 180 degree bend. Could see about 1km of track and it had a big screen. Great viewing. First the GT Porsches, then F3, F2 and finally F1. The amount if noise produced by each car was in the same order. If you were not watching you could miss an F1 going past.

Practice over, we headed back to the main gate to catch up with the Xerri’s. Located them and had a couple of rehydraters, and the trek back up that hill to Myrtle

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