Friday, August 21

Up early and on the bus to town to catch the sites. Jumped on the hop on hop off bus to get a better idea of what was in store. 

Like Salzburg, Luxembourg is built on the sides of a river and the old town is absolutely magnificent. Wandered around the old town past the most beautiful balcony in Europe. Belongs to the palace.  

 Luxembourg has a population of around 110,000, 68% coming from other countries. This is due to the EU being based here. There is also 200+ banks based here. 

There are huge contrasts between the old, which survived both World Wars, and the new. In one of the museums we visited there were artifacts from 4BC. 

 It is one of the prettiest cities we have visited. Exhausted we hopped on the bus back to Myrtle, but due to lack of concentration, or too much talking, we missed our stop. As the bus we were on would be the returning bus, we took a tour to the end of the line, and then back to Myrtle.

4 thoughts on “LUXEMBOURG

  1. Hiya Sue And Gary,
    Been home a week and suffering from the busy, bad weather blues. Especially today, our August Bank Holiday. Rained and very cold most of the day. Wore my shorts and sandals to the shop this morning and felt daft!
    Since getting home we have had no internet connection and we are persevering (and tearing out our hair) to get it sorted. We have a technician coming out on Friday, I hope. Totally useless service, which I will now try to get out of.
    Hope it’s good there for you. My daughter is in Koblenz, but she’s heading for home tomorrow. Her weather looks great, so hope you is similar.
    We had to come out to the pub to get connected! A real shame. Got my brolly!


  2. Nice to catch up with you two, spoke to Rich a couple of weeks ago, all good,everyone here ok, Hill get together a bit over a month away, will let you know how it goes, maybe next year you will be home for it. Take Care miss you love Shel & Col xx


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