Monday, August 10 

Photos to follow  

Spent the afternoon at the Military Museum, to see the influence wars have had on the region. Thankfully we live in Australia. Here in the past if you looked the wrong way at someone or disagreed with how another country did something, then war would break out. There seemed to be a great deal of egos which needed rubbing.

What was disturbing was the size of some of the artillery that they used and the damage that they could inflict. If the money spent in war was spent on the people and employment, outcomes may have been different. 

One has to consider though that many of today’s technological advancements came about through conflict and the need to be bigger and better than the opposition.

It was interesting to see the development of not only weapons, but clothing and vehicles. I did feel sorry for those who had to fight with muskets. One shot and then it took half a minute to reload, while you were a human target. 

Speaking of targets, the car in which  Arch Duke Franz Joseph and his wife Sophie were as donated in, by a 19 year old Serbian, which started WWI. Also displayed were the clothes they were both wearing and the chaise lounge he died on. 

The building in which the museum is located is as equally imposing as the collection it holds. Full of Art work on the walls and ceilings, and marble everywhere.  

 Guess what, we were thrown out if this one at closing time as well.

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