Tuesday, August 11

Photos to follow.

Having survived 31 years married, we had a quiet morning, Su caught up on paperwork and I did some maintenance on Myrtle. This done we headed for Salzburg, all of 140kms. 

Arrived in Salzberg to find that camp ground we had chosen was full. Owners there gave us the address of another one on the other side if town in the foothills. Found ground and set up, changed clothes and walked to the bus stop which took us into the centre of town. We must have looked like tourists as a catholic priest, who was on our bus, walked up to us and explained the towns layout. We would run into him again.

Salzberg, nestled between two cliffs, is divided into the old town and the new town by the river Salzach. There are many magnificent buildings crowned by the fort, Festung Hohensalzburg, on the old side, and the Benedictine Monestry, Hettwel Bastel on the new side. The monestry however was built long before the fort.

Salzburg was Mozarts home for many years, and the university is named after him.

Having looked around for some time, we then went for dinner at Mozarts favorite restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. Satiated, we headed to the bus stop for the ride back to Myrtle.

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