Sunday, August, 9.

We walked the short distance to the monestry to begin one of four tours. 

The first was the Sacred Tour, which involved the cathedral and all the treasures associated with a 900 year old building. Timely to remember that this is still a fully functioning Monestry, and the prior is the provincial for all Augustinian Monestries.










 The organ was specifically designed for the cathedral but unfortunately we did not hear it.  


This is the first enclosed Royal Box in a church we have seen.
 High light was the hold and enamel depiction of the bible. Truely stunning.  

Cloister Garden
The next three photos show the gold and enamel bible representation.

 Next was the Museum Tour which by name showed the relics which have been accumulated over the centuries.  













 The Habsbergs, who originally built the monestry, were avid collectors of Art and this was very evident throughout the tour.

Next came the winery tour.  

The last tour was of the Treasury and what had been collected over the las 900 years. There was a large amount of religious robes and jewelry, as to be expected, along with various pieces of furniture.                


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