Saturday, August 8.

Up early, I mean early, 5.15. We needed to be in Vienna by 7.30, and it is a bus and tube ride to get there. 

Why, we were taking a bus trip to Bratislava in Slovakia, 60 kms away. While there we were going on a guided walking tour of the city, lunch and a bus tour to the castle followed by a 1.5 hour trip up the Danube on a cat.
On the bus and away we go. We have seen some wind farms on our trip, including the one on the sandbank in the English Channel outside Hull, but the one along the border in Austria, is the grand daddy of them all. Counted 987 before I lost count. Could not take photos as the bus had a dark tint. 

Arrived in Bratislava, to be met by our tour guide and off we went. One thing that we have noticed that everywhere we go in Europe they have some type of monument to the holocaust. Here was no different.  

Remains of the Roman walls which used to encircle the city. On with the tour towards the church at St Michaels Gate. The biggest church in Slovakia . 


From there we wandered through narrow streets to the main town square.      
At the end of the square was located the National Opera and Philharmonic.  

 Leaving the square we passed through a number of courtyards on the way to the council offices, and passed this shop where there was someone I recognised. 


St George snd the Dragon

Council buildings and then off Tom lunch passing a building with a French cannonball still lodged in the wall after all these years, and a couple of funny statues. 

Wooden pavers
Lunch over down to catch the bus to the castle,  mainly for the view as the castle is too big to go through. Will get some of the castle when we are on the river. 


Presidential Palace

Back down to catch the cat for the 1.5 hour trip back to Vienna up the Danube. On the way we crossed the border between Slovakia and Austria. The remains of the old forts are still visible.

The cat we were on cruised at 50kph, with a top speed of 70kph. One could nearly ski behind it if you could negotiate the rooster tails.


The ride home
Castle from the river.

  Arrived back in Vienna after an awesome day. Found metro and headed back to Myrtle for food and rehydration.

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