Wednesday, August 5.

Camp is right next to a monestry where they are still making wine after hundreds of years. Will be visiting there soon.    

   Today into Venice

Bus and metro to city centre. Public transport is so easy. All metro stations are underground at the intersection of major thoroughfares. No pedestrian crossing. You cross the street underground. 

Jump on the on/of bus for a look at the sights and work out what to see. Although the buildings are mahnificent, most of th were rebuilt after WWII, as eighty percent were demolished through bombing. 


Parliament building

Inside this building is a sound scape. Two speakers, playing the last post on three bugles from WWII. I might be wrong but it sure did not sound like the last post.  

  It appears that every building style is represented here. Gothic, Roman, Baroque, Art Deco, new vogue to mention a few.   


 Wandered through the gardens opposite the parliament and it was full of roses, including the one on the pathway. 

 Hopped on the bus again on a different route to the lookout where the only Polish church in Austria is located  



 and past the monestry near where we are staying.  



 On the way back we followed the Danube back into town past the adventure park with the 140 year old Ferris wheel. It originally belonged to the Gershwin family. 

 One of the amazing structures is the award winning designed incinerator, which is located near the city centre and does not look like an incinerator, but a huge sculpture. 

Arrived back in the city centre in need of sustenance, so found a cafe and people watched for a while. As it was nearing 9.00pm we caught the metro and bus back to Myrtle, dropping into the camp restaurant for some rehydration and ran into an English couple who were cycling from Doncaster on Yorkshire to the Black Sea in Romania. All of 4,000 kms. They had been on the road for seven weeks.  What an effort. Enough to make anyone tired.


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