Tuesday, August 4.

Quite day today. Packed up and headed for Vienna, after spending four wonderful days in Budapest. It was a trip of 180 miles. Travelled over the plains of Hungary, which is predominantly farming and reasonably flat. 

No issues at the border, as Austria is an EU country. No semis on the roads as they are not allowed on until 6.00pm. One thing hhat we noticed as we came closer to the border was the peeve lance of wind farms. We had not seen any for a few weeks, but now they had returned with vengeance. Hundreds dotted the landscape for kilometre after kilometre. 

Arrived in Vienna, and proceeded to camp ground, on the banks of the Danube, about ten minutes out of the city, but close to public transport. Set up camp and then wandered down the street for a cool drink and a bite to eat.  

Wouldn’t know it but we found thus shop and it sells wool. 

Grocery shopping and back to Myrtle for a rest as the last few nights were after midnight before we were in bed. 

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