Friday, July 17.

Photos later 

After moving Myrtle, as site we were on was previously booked, we walked down those steps to the river, crossed the bridge 






  and headed for the town centre where we would meet up with our English friends who had flown into Venice last night and would catch the train to Verona this morning.
Met Sarah and went to their apartment to cool down and change for the opera. Not flash clothes, just clean due to the high temperature, 39 again today.

Cushions in hand, we would be sitting on the white marble that has been there for 2,500 years and it had had the sun blazing on it all day too. Chas and Lucy from England had gone earlier to reserve seats, so we headed down around 6.30pm. Queues were pretty good and we were in after 20 minutes.  



 The amphitheatre was even more amazing from the inside. What a great place to see the opera. The show by the way was Don Giovanni,  and the sets and performances were amazing. No microphones either. Had no trouble hearing the performers though. Started at 9.00 and finished at 12.00, with an interval in the middle.  








 Plenty of refreshments on sale however we all found another use for rehydration packs which were filled with reds and chilled whites. One has to rehydrate. 

Leaving the opera everyone was famished, so across the square to one of the many restaurants for pizza and more rehydration. Finished here round one, said farewell to our English friends, who we would see again tomorrow in Venice. Set off for the 45 minute walk back to Myrtle. 

Arrived back at Myrtle around 2.00am and crashed after a magnificent experience.

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