Tuesday July 14

Decided yesterday rather than head straight to Verona we would spend a few days in Lucerne. We had been there six years ago and it was very rushed then. 

Left camp and arrived in Lucerne half an hour later. Parked in coach park while we went to tourist info to find parks and book trip to Mt Pilatus. On arrival back a very stroppy English bus driver accounted us and decided that as we had UK plates he was going to give us a serve. Fat chance, once he found out we were Aussies he backed off. Still have not forgiven us though for the cricket.

Found park on the other side of Lake Lucerne and settled in. After a short rest we headed for the transport museum which was next door. 

  Enzo’s eight cylinder Alfa. His last race winning car before starting Ferrari.  
This is a drill head of a road tunnel drill. Nine metres in diameter. Kicked out of another museum at closing time. Headed back to Myrtle for an early night as it would be a  big day tomorrow.

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