Sunday, July 12 .

Up early to catch the bus and train into Zurich. Started off with a brisk 2km, up a slight incline, in Australia we call it a hill, to the bus stop. Quick ten minute ride to the station and onto a double decker train for the rest of the trip into Zurich. The train felt like we were floating on air and very quiet. Arrived in Zurich, three floors underground. Finally reached ground level to be greeted by a station which is a cross between Southern Cross in Melbourne and Kings Cross in London. Huge!

Purchased a Zurich card and off we went. The card gets you onto trains, buses, boats and trams. Water was close by so we hopped on a cruiser and headed of for some sightseeing from the water.   


The grey tube across the photo is the flip up movie screen
There are lots of canals and lakes in and around Zurich. There used to be a lot more but some have been filled in or built over, so there a lot still running under Zurich.  

We passed many churches and museums along the way, and being Sunday there was lots of pleasure craft out once we entered the largest lake. It was a bright and sunny 32, unlike back home where I hear it snowed in Orange today. Along the way we observed an outdoor amphitheatre by the lakes edge, with a huge screen sitting in the water, but folded down so it could be used as a stage. Very ingenious. 

This lake is 40kms long and 4kms at its widest point. Water is a deep green, and yes cool by our standards, but lots of people in swimming.  Arrived back at  the docks and had a quick lunch before hopping on the trolley bus for a land based tour which took two hours. Found where all the museums and sites of interest were, so we could check some out later. Arrived back at starting point and decided to look through the Landesmuseum Zurich, which is their national museum, and is filled with all thing Swiss.  


Roof of train station
 We were ejected from the museum at five, again, having only scratched the surface, however it is nigh on impossible to see everything all the time. We do only have a year. Wandered across the road to the central station which is also a huge shopping complex and found the sportsman bar. We were both dehydrated, and wouldn’t you know it but the men’s final was live from Wimbleton. So we sat and watched and rehydrated, and as it was getting late we decided to have pizza while we were there. 

Feeling rehydrated and satiated, we headed to information to determine which train to catch. First try we missed the station to get off for the bus, so off the train, cross over to in going line and back two stations. Our luck, it was an express straight into Zurich. Oh well, let’s try that again. Same p,at form, different time, correct train, only go one stop and get off to catch the bus. This time success. Su worried that this was the wrong bus, but she eventually worked out that we were coming from the other direction, and it would meet up with where we had caught the bus this morning. Smart girl that Su, that’s exactly what it did. 

Jumped of bus and had downhill walk back to camp. Showed Su the river next to park, which is called the Reuss, about two hundred metres across and flowing rapidly. I had noticed yesterday that there was lots of people on rubber tubes and air beds floating down the river. Not this black duck. Back to Myrtle and a cuppa before retiring.

Monday July 13

Spent the day reading and relaxing.

8 thoughts on “ZURICH

  1. Happy Birthday today Su, hope you are having a good one.
    Enjoying reading all about your trip, safe journey.
    All is good in Bendigo (Freezing cold !!)
    Love, Heather


  2. Happy Birthday Su – hope Gary spoilt you. Was going to send email but not sure if you are using it and been waiting for blog to send msg – smarten up Gary anyone would think you are on holidays! Waiting to hear about the open air opera in Verona. Luv Mum & Jen


  3. Hello are you both ok? just a little concerned when no updates for over 10 days, and there was a special girls birthday in that time !! Love Shel xx


    1. All well. Camped near Venice,ten minutes away. Suspect had birthday in Venice. English friends flew over for four days. 1.5 hours by air. Great day, lunch, then cruised the canals.


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