Friday, July 10. 

Left camping ground at 11.00, and headed for that wool shop. Arrived there to find they were at lunch. There is a god. Went for a walk and decided that we both needed haircuts. Both looked like wooly sheep.  

 After there, did some birthday shopping to send home. Keep your fingers crossed, it could be you.


  This is what they do with wrecks in Tielen Town.






 Finally shopping completed so we plugged Verona into Tom Tom and off we headed at 4.00 pm, 600 miles to go. By 4.24 we were in Germany, passing both Hochenheim and the Nurburgring, both F1 tracks, along the Autobahn. We also passed Mackenstein, koblenz, frankfurt and Manheim on the way.

We are sitting on 110 kph in the right hand lane and bullets, fast cars, are passing us two lanes to the left. Porsches then Maseratis followed by a Ferrari then a couple of Lamborginis. We could feel the shock wave they are pushing as they pass. Then we caught up to them due to roadworks and it was bottleneck for the next 30kms. 

Around 10.30 we pulled of at a service centre at Kammerer to stop for the night. Had a late dinner and then retired for the night. Toilets at this place were pretty special, if you are into toilets. Once you flush them an arm comes out and sits on the seat while the seat rotates to wash and dry it. Knew you would be interested. Was going to take a video but that’s going a bit far. Oh, exits on the Autobahns are called Ausfharts.


  1. Dear Su Happy Birthday for the 20th, have a wonderful day lots of love Shel & Col xx

    Gaz have you updated your blog since the 12th July? love Shel


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