Thursday July, 9

Decided to head south, as we had to be in Verona on the 17th July. Tried ringing Oma, Hans mum, no answer. Tried to Ring Pim but no answer there either. Would try again later. After travelling for 1.5 hours, we pulled into a servo and tried the numbers again. This Tim Willy, Pims mum answered. She would contact Oma and we were to wring back at six. As it was we were only 17 kilometres from them. We punched in a camp ground nearby and drove to Campground de Heldense Bossen. Only 4kms from Oma. Rang Pim at 6.00, and organised to go to Omas at 7.30.


For all those who are now confused. Here is a brief rundown. Oma is the mum of our Dutch friends, Hans and his wife Meike, in Shepp. Oma comes out to Aus quite frequently, and was there last year. Pim who is in his early 20’s, has been out a number of times also. Willy who is Pims mum, was out in 2000 and 2013 as well. We have got to know them over the years. So when we said we would be in Holland next year Oma said to drop in. Everyone now clear?

Oma was pleased to see us, showed us her knitting for the Indian Orphanage. Translation was helped by Pim over cherry and apple delights with a cuppa. Pim was to graduate with a degree in Science tomorrow and is already working for Bayer as a research scientist. Willy turned up on her bike, as they all do, with a bag of cherries she had picked for us. 

Willy suggested that we go for a drive and see where Hans and Meika used to live and where Meika grew up. Oma suggested she would drive, in her Volvo 760, 79 years old Is Oma. Of we went before everyone had shut their doors. Before Oma’s husband died he purchased her a new safe car, as he knew how fast she drove,😳😳  

 First to the farm where Hans and Meikelived, not stopping for photos, got some anyway, then over to where Meike grew up, and then to where Meike’s dad is living and then past Willys’ house and then down the street to show us a wool shop and then back to Omas. In about that time. Oma’s husband knew what he was doing. Also Mieke’s dad was 88 today. 

We said our farewells, saying that we would drop back later in the year and headed back to camp.

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