Saturday June 13

Headed off down the coast to Stiffkey. A little village with narrow roads and lots of flint houses and beautiful streams.


Church at Stiffkey.         

Stiffkey House which is now a retirement home.


MORSTON marina.

Drove on through Blakeney, Wivelot and Cley Next The Sea  where we looked through another old church, where many of the graves in the church had a skull and crossbones engraved on them.


Travelled on further down ever diminishing roads towards Salthouse for crab and salad at Cookies, which had been recommended and operating since 1956. See photo.



In 2013 floods, the ocean rose to the plaque beside Su. Given that the building is a kilometer from the sea, this is amazing.


Dinner finished we drove on to Cramer where see camped at Forest Park, probably the biggest camping park park we have seen. Has it’s own bus service inside the park!

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