Sunday June 14.

Headed of to Horsey and Horsey Mere. Lots of photos of the town, wind pump and the Mere. Many showing the history. According to the locals, Horsey means, ‘Hairy One’, after Odin the Viking God.





Off for a ride on Horsey Mere. Captains Triumph bike. The Captain was very knowledgeable and knew all the birds and their calls. The Mere is covered with reeds and serge, both used in thatched roofs. Thatch for the slopes and serge for the gables. Many of the channels, lakes and waterways are man made, left over from the days of digging up peat for heating.



All the swans on the Mere are mute swans.


Making use of the breathing garden.

 Off to Horsey Church. Not everyone has a church with their name. Apologies for the historical stuff but it is the easiest way to get it home now.



Not to state the obvious, but we left the church and headed for Horsey Beach via the following photo.


Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…..😀😀😳😳


I’ll save ya😳😳😳😳😳


The black dots in the water are seals.



After spending the day taking in the sights of Horsey, we headed further south through Hembsy, your typical English seaside resort, and on to Caister by the Sea for an overnight stop.

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