Friday 11th June

Both suffered the Myrtle Effect this morning. Woke at 7.30, went back to sleep and woke again at 11.00! Lucky the sun does not go down until 10.00pm. 
Shower, breakfast and headed five minutes out of town to the Wells and Walsingham light gauge rail. This has a 10.5″ gauge and it is the longest of its type in the world. It is in the Guiness snook of Records as such.                                             
As the name suggests, the train runs from Wells to Walsinham and return, six times a day all year round. A distance of four miles. A truely magical experience. On the way we had to slow down for Chooks on the line at a house by the line, a family of ducks crossing, a hedge hog and numerous rabbits. 
We had two hours to fill in in Walsingham before the last train. Stopped at a chocolate shop for a real hot chocolate and then on for a stroll around the village. 
The original buildings are built from timber and flint stone. Wandered down to the Shrine Church opposite the Knights Gate in the walls of Walsinham Abbey. This is the premier pilgrimage site on medieval England, where there is a replica of the Medieval House of Nazareth. As well as the chapel, there are many buildings dedicated to the pilgrimage which many people make.                            

Outdoor alter.


It is the first Anglican Church we have seen which celebrates the stations of the cross. These are set out in the beautiful gardens in the complex. Remember this is only a little village nestled in the Norfolk countryside.
Wandered on down to Sunk Road. Just as the name says, it is lower than the surrounding land. Stone walls on either side, one side crops and the other is the border for Walsingham Abbey.                             
Continued on through the narrow streets past quaint buildings and churches.  Also the remains of the abbey.


















 All too soon we had to head back to the station to catch the train back to Wells. On the way we noticed a Triumph Herald parked beside a shop. We walked on and a few minutes later, low and behold, it appeared around the corner, with all of its twelve hundred cc’s working overtime.             
Back on the train for the return journey, all of twenty minutes. Arrived back and noticed a camping area next to the station. Went in and discovered that it was only £7.50/night. As most places are within walking distance, we decided to stay a couple of nights.


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