Thursday, July 25.

Drive this morning to Calais to catch the ferry to Dover. Boarded the ferry and up to club class for breakfast. All part of the ticket.

Looks like the unmistakable cliffs of Dover in the distance. Very hazy this morning so they could not be seen from a long way out.

Dover castle on the headland above the port.

Off the ferry and a thirty minute drive to Leeds Castle in Kent. Work that one out. Supposed to be the most beautiful castle in the world.

Looks good from here.

This looks amazing.

A look around the falconers exhibit. They could not fly them today as it was too hot. 37 degrees.

Some lovely gardens also.

Wouldn’t you know but a spitfire flew over.

Castle looks great from this angle.

Over the entrance ramp and through the gates.

This actually belonged to Henry VIII.

Moments from the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Bit more history.

Check out the size of this flower.

Lovely view across the moat.

Lead down pipes.

Back of the castle.

Starting at the bottom.

Did not want them to get out, or in.

Their very own chapel.

True workmanship, no nails here.

Indoor garden, bit Tudor.

Top of the balustrade.

The Queens day room.

Statue of Florence Nightingale.

Now this is a strong box.

Upcycling and nature.

Ingenious boot remover.

Castle from the front across the green.

Remains of the original keep.

Lots of greenery.

This tickled my fancy.

Looking across the mist to the golf course.

Japanese bridge on one of the many lakes.

Not a local, a grey squirrel, a pest over here.

Nice seating.

Must have been a big oak tree.

Off to camp ground after another long day. Will travel to Henley tomorrow.

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