Tuesday, June 25.

Jumped on the bus for a trip around the city and found six people from Toolamba on the bus. Taught some of their kids too.

Off we go. More of that great architecture.

Modern as well.

The famine statues, signifying those who boarded ships to further lands.

The harp bridge.

Famine ship replica.

Looking towards the Atlantic.

Entertainment centre known as the Dyson.

Parliament House.

Smallest pub in Dublin. Holds 10 people.

Lord Mayors residence.

Statue outside the arts centre.

More of the cathedral.

Monument to the building of the first catholic cemetery.

The hallowed turf of Croke Park. Home to the Gaelic sports.

Sitting in the same spot where we spotted the Tielen’s a few years ago.

Looking down the main shopping street.

Great artwork.

Someone very important. Could not make out the flags.

Lovely leafy lined street.

Loch on the canal leading into the Liffey.

This is the way to travel.

Off to Galway to stop overnight. Su stayed in Bess to knit, Phil and I headed to a local pub for an evening of Irish music. Great night.

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