Monday, June 24.

Ye old opera house.

Gates to old gaol.

Prisoners graves. Many of these are from the famine.

French Art Deco building.

The new court house.

The Wellington monument.

Water feature to women rising from the depths.

All Guinness. The site covers 65 acres, and is the most visited attraction in Ireland.

Some of the bridges across the Liffey.

This is the original crossing point from north to south.

Monument to the Vikings who used Dublin as a trading port.

The 280′ stainless tower in the centre of town, known as the tower of hope.

Sample of the architecture.

The cathedral known as Christchurch.

After many visits to Dublin, we finally went to the Guinness factory. Enjoy.

This was an amazing brass sculpture.

And of course the logo.

Some of the advertising used by Guinness.

Couple of ring ins.

Great engineering.

Maybe I can play it?

Wandered through Temple Bar.

Had to stop at the Badass again for dinner.

A very long day. Back in town tomorrow for a bit more.

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