Saturday, June 22.

Back into Belfast today, first for a trip on the red bus.

Rather upmarket town hall.

One of the banks, just liked the architecture.

And again.

Wouldn’t know it, met these two on the bus. Brendan and Trish Wallace. Brendan teaches at the same school as Su, she taught their two boys at kinder, and I taught the boys at secondary school. It was one of their boys, Liam, who we met on a walking tour in Warsaw in 2015. Small world.

The clock tower, King Albert has built for his queen, Alexandria. It actually leans and is locally known as Belfast’s leaning tower.

Some more of the haunting murals from both sides of the conflict.

The gates leading up to Parliament House.

Parliament House contains 365 windows. Parliament has not sat for two years because they cannot agree on a way forward.

George Best airport.

Statue of Peace and Friendship, on Queen Elizabeth ll bridge.

Another section of the wall.

Preparing for their bonfire night which celebrates the winning of the Battle of the Boyne. There are many of these around the city and it is not uncommon for houses to be burnt down.

More murals.

Front of the gaol.

More lovely architecture.

Clock tower showing the lean.

Next stop, the Titanic exhibition. Anyone visiting Belfast needs to see this. Very thought provoking.

Model ship and shipway.

Bottles ect, from industries located around the docks.

Clock from Harland and Wolff shipyard.

The original front gates.

Part of the structure from the old dock.

The number one dock where the Titanic was built.

Model of the gantry structure used building the Titanic.

Compassions in the floor from the top story.

Some of the 26 boilers on the Titanic.

One of the engines.

Business end of the ship.

First class cabin mock-up.

Second class.

Third class.

Selection of the crockery.

The number of people required to run the ship.

One of the 23 lifeboats that made it to America.

Video showing what it looked like inside.

Some of the technology that allowed the Titanic to be found.

Not him, this is how it used to be.

Memorial monument outside the museum.

Is statue?

The two largest gantry cranes in the world. The one on the left stands at 300 feet and the one on the right, 380 feet.

Dinner at Thank God it’s Friday. Some of the decor inside.

Another long day over.

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