Friday, July 27.

Big day for Linda today. Off to visit firstly Goathland, more universally known as Aidensfield of Heartbeat game. Yes the place actually exists, then over to Whitby on the Yorkshire coast where Captain Cook set sail from on his voyage to Find Australia.

On the way we passed through Gateshead where the famous Angel of the North stands. Why an angel? Nobody has seen one and everyone has to keep imagining them.

The angel actually serves three purposes, firstly historically to remind us that coal miners worked below the site, in the dark for 200 years, secondly grasping hold of our future, transitioning from the industrial to the Information Age, and lastly to be a focus for our hopes and fears.

She is better known for welcoming visitors to the north of England as she stands in the middle of the main motorway, linking London to Edinburgh the A1.

On to Goathland located high up on the Yorkshire moors.

Many will recognise the buildings from the popular tv show Heartbeat.

The garage, taxi service and funeral services.

The pub across the road, where we had lunch in the bar.

One of the locals wandering down the street.

Do they look happy?

Like a kid in a Lolly shop.

The shops and off course, the cars.

The show put the place on the map, but in later years, so did the railway station. It was used for the filming of Harry Potter.

Yep, still knitting.

Lucky again, both trains arrived while we were there. They run regularly from Pickering further up on the moors, down to Whitby on the coast.

Back to Bess and down to Whitby about 15 miles away. As I said earlier, this is where James Cook set out from on his voyage of discovery, eventually Australia.

Buildings on the way in.

Arriving at the port.

Pretty as a picture.

Replica of Cook’s ship.

More of the tranquil harbour.

Bustling streets.

The market square.

I was taking a photo of the window and these two stepped in. The windows looked bowed but were actually built like that, as many of the builders were also shipwrights, and that was how they built them on ships to get a curve.

States the bleedin obvious.

More of those windows, but check out the guy who walked into the shot.

Interesting sign on a plant.

Kneeling figure is made of wire netting.

Jumped on a boat for a short ride out of the harbour and along the coast.

The old abbey on the cliff tops.

First building to have electricity. Used to be a posh hotel, now apartments.

Church on the hill near the abbey is a thousand years old.

Sun hitting the cliff face.

Coming back into the harbour.

Had to have fresh fish and chips, on the waterfront, for dinner.

All the flowers in full bloom.

Caught the bus back to Bess at the park and ride, and headed for the camp ground just down the coast as for the second evening in a row it looked like serious rain. Arrived st the camp ground around 8.00pm, just as it started to rain. Writing this at 11.50pm and it is still raining.

Off to Scarborough, might be a fair, and York, might see the grand old duke, tomorrow.

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