Thursday, July 26.

Early start this morning. 7.30 ferry from Belfast to Cairnryan in Scotland.

Leaving Ireland.

Arriving in Scotland.

On the road towards Hadrian’s Wall with first stop at Birdoswald, a former Roman fort on the wall.

Hadrian’s Wall disappearing into the distance.

Remains of an oven.

Road linking east and west gates.

Trying to get out the east gate.

North gates showing gate pivot holes.

East gate remains.

Horse carved in one of the stones.

On the road along the wall to our next stop Vindolanda, a former Roman town and fort.

This place was absolutely huge.

Great drainage systems.

Clever people those Romans. Here is their under floor heating.

Piece of wall panel and how they were held up.

We were fortunate enough to be able to watch archeologists on the dig. Just prior to us arriving, they found a leather shoe from around 100BC. Couldn’t handle it but the girls were able to feel some pottery from the same period.

Main Street and road leading into the village.

Roman signpost and plaque explaining what it says.

Reproduction Roman oven.

Nice bridge.

Fire pit with Roman lettering cutouts.

Back to Bess and off to the camp ground nearby as it looks seriously like rain. They definitely need it though. The creek in the above photo was a raging torrent last year.

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