Thursday, July 19.

Off to kiss the Blarney Stone. Whose idea is this?

Walking through the grounds you cross this, or should I say two rivers cross. One flows under the other via a viaduct. Not very often you see this.

Blarney Castle. Do we have to climb all that way?

As the plaque says, the three black square holes are garderobes, toilets in our language.

Looking from the North side.

From the west side.

Decoration on a window, or is it to keep out the cold?

I think that’s where we are heading.😟😟😟

The court yard.

At the front door. Let’s see if they are smiling after climbing to the top.

Oops, wrong way.

Ceiling of the great hall.

Doc, how is this for a fire pit?

Remains of a Jacobean fireplace on the second floor.

About halfway to the top. Size of opening gives you an idea of how big the spiral staircase isn’t.

One of those toilets from the inside.

Arrow slit looking over the ramparts. Had them covered in all directions.

Daylight at last.

Great views though.

Blarney Manor where the owners live.

Not a seat, yep toilet.

On the battlements looking across to the said stone.

Whose great idea was this?

Going down, stairs were twice as wide as those on the way up.

Standing over the main gate entrance.

Horses played a big part in their lives and are still on top of the family crest.

They even have a poison garden here, amongst all the beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens. Here are a few.

Great arbor.

Lovely weeping tree. Not sure, but might be a cherry?

What to do with all those unwanted tree stumps.

Off to look at the manor. Magnificent building, still used by the family, but open to the public for guided tours, July-September. No photos allowed inside, but absolute opulence.

Wandering down to the restaurant spotted this.

Guess this is what you call a wire haired terrier.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Sandwich and cuppa in the stables court yard.

Definitely into horses.

Wandered into town to check out a couple of wool shops.

Mez, this is for you.

This could prove costly.

Some quaint buildings.

Plumb tuckered our, jumped in Bess and headed to our regular camping ground at Killarney. Well, this will be the third year in a row we have stayed there.

Great sunset.

Big day for someone tomorrow. I think they click over two digits.

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