Sunday, July 1.

Slow start this morning, as we were both a bit fatigued from the hectic pace we have been keeping, and the winds this morning were gusting quite a bit.

Around 10.30, the wind dropped some we walked into Kirkwall for a look around.

Lots of mute swans.

Lots of narrow streets.

Building with turrets is council building.

This was above a doorway. Think it may be something nautical.

This thermometer and barometer was set into a wall on the harbour front, and actually still works.

This is what to do with a salvaged WWII mine.

Check out the angles on the windows and door.

This tree is fairly special as there are not many trees in the Orkneys.

Headed off to St Magnus Cathedral, which dominates the skyline.

Great hinges.

The inside has brilliant colours due to the stone. The pillars are huge given the weight of the walls and roof they had to support. Flying buttresses did not exist in the 1100’s.

Elaborate tombstones.

Massive pillars and vaulting.

Very skilled craftsman carved these choir stalls.

Very different and elaborate font.

More of those carvings.

Threlics of St Magnus are said to be inside this pillar.

Beautiful tile work.

The bishops chair.

This is one of the many rings driven into the walls and pillars. They were placed there by Oliver Cromwell troops when the cathedral was used as a stable.

Mark of a Knight Templar.

The Master masons mark on one of the stones.

Another one of the tombstones.

Those hinges again showing the great detail.

Next stop was the Earls Palace. This was an amazing structure, very well designed, unfortunately at the detriment to so many.

This has to be the biggest fireplace I have seen.



New residents.

Not a bad view of the bowling greens, or what a great backdrop for bowls?

Going down?

Across the road to the Bishops Palace.

Love the contrasting colours.

Can see where the floor joists used to be.

Cathedral across the road.

We were on that mountain yesterday.

Oops, you weren’t supposed to see me. Yes I am knitting in the sunshine.

Baglins, this is a dry stone wall.

Having a quiet one in the sun. Yep, still knitting. This one closed at five so we had to move to another one for dinner. Decisions.

Can’t resist a rocking horse.

Kirkwall Masonic Centre.

Lyall, Not a bad arch.

Don’t think l will fit.

Free more sights to visit tomorrow before we catch the ferry back to Scotland to continue our journey.

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