Monday, July 18.

Walked into town to collect car. Had to wait an hour do we wandered around town. 

Came across this monument to Mondignor Hugh O’Flaherty. Ireland’s equivelant to Schindler. What an amazing human being.

Back and collected car and on the road through Farranfore to Tralee.

Wouldn’t know it we found another one of these shops on the way.

At least they sold great ice- creams. The jingle reminds me of one dad used to use when we were kids.

Anyway we were supposed to be looking at the scenery.

Truelly stunning stuff.

Yes there are actually people swimming as it was a humid 22. Notice the sky, not a cloud in sight, unlike yesterday.

Stopped in Dingle for a wander round and s look at the colorful buildings.

Lunch and on, on, with more of that amazing scenery.

An old mound fort. You can still see where the moat ran around it.

Stopped at some prehistoric stone bee hive huts, and the views were fabulous. Location, location, location.

Passed through Castlemaine, of Wild Colonial Boy fame.

One of the local lads.

The sun sets on another day after  a truelly amazing drive around the Dingle Penninsula.


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