Thursday, July 6. 

Spent last night at Park Cliffe on the edge of Lake Windermere. Up camp and headed down to Camp Fallbarrow on the lake edge at Windermeer.

These are the seats in the beer garden at the park restaurant. They are real wood.

Walk up town past all these magnificent dry stone buildings.

And a few Tudor ones.

Always a church. Dry stone too.

Down to the waterfront for a boat ride to Ambleside at the top of the lake. The lake is 10 miles long, up to 1 mile wide and up to 240′ deep.

Some of the many little islands on the lake.

Scarfe Pike, second highest in UK.

We are sailing.

Old boat sheds.

The white structure is a bell tower that people would ring to have the ferryman row from the other side of the lake to collect them.

Another grade 1 listed building.

Arrived at Ambleside.

Lots of dry stone buildings.

Lynton, the Salutation has grown.

Lovely lunch at Daisy’s Cafe.

More of those stone buildings.

Enough chimney pots?

They will build anywhere.

Flowers in bloom everywhere.

A fat chimney pot.

Either the house has sunk or the road has been resurfaced many times.

Suggested that we go for a row, but even Su could not knit and row.

Remains of the Roman fort on the lake edge.

How do you get out?

Back on the boat for the trip home.

The house where Sir Henry Seagrave died after crashing his boat at over 100mph, trying to break the water speed record on the early 1900’s.

Mute swans.

Very inquisitive.

Very hungry.

Wandered back through the streets to camp.

Interesting doorway.

How cute are these?

Back st Bessie. Someone I know said I will just shut my eyes. THREE hours later!😳😳 Been with  SJ too long.😉😉

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