Saturday, July 2.

Second day and off to the palace, by vintage bus.

Past the Abbey, but back there later.

One of the turrets on the old moat around the palace.

View from front of palace across the pond to the village of Beaulieu.

Cairn to King William in the gardens, who was mysteriously shot.

Remains of the old estate wall.

We had a look through the walled garden first.

Note the monorail in the background. This runs around part of the estate.

The steel rock tree.

Topiary in the garden.

Mad Hatters tea party.

The palace.

One of the many sculptures in the grounds.

Detour via the Abbey and church.

Front of the palace.

The Lord of the Manor.

Dining room.

For Royal bums only, Victoria and Elizabeth ll.

Children’s table. With named plates.

The second Lord was very good friends of Mr Rolls and Mr Royce.

1300’s chair.

The lady of the manor.

More of the church.

Views from the monorail going back to the museum.

The palace is currently occupied by the 5th Lord of Bailieu. The 4th passed away in August of last year, aged 84, after loosing a battle with cancer. It was his fathers conception to develop the museum and develop the grounds in 1905, starting with five cars in the foyer of the palace,for access by the public. Had to knock down a wall to get them in, rebuild, and then knock down and rebuild when the museum was built.

More shots from the museum, including the era garage.

A write off Morris Cowley.
Jack Findlays name is on the is trophy for rider of the year in 1976. It was Jack’s bike we were involved with at Goodwood. There is a statue in Mooroopna dedicated to him.
Sir Jack Brabhams first trophy.

Some of the top 21 riders of all time, on the wall at the museum, four we met at Goodwood, and Guy Martin at the Isle of Mann last year.

Some icons from the past.

Lady racer.

Familiar looking machine.

Now this is old and powered by steam.

The whisper mount as opposed to the normal flying lady on Rolls Royces. There were only five made and only two known to be still in existence. Known as Elenour, named after Elsnour Thornton, the mistress of the 3rd Lord of Beaulieu.

Need a fat cheque book here. Four cars total around £85,000,000.

A legend.

Mouth watering.

Who is this dag?

What an amazing two days we have spent here. For years we have heard about the Beaulieu Museum and palace, so it was a must see. Quite chuffed actually.

Six thirty and back on the road as we had a four hour trip back to Nettleton to surprise Lynton and Sarah who were having their annual summer BBQ tomorrow. Need to pray for sunshine.

He he.😉😉

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