Up early and three hour trip to Heathrow. Need to be there by nine for twelve departure. Very somber in the car going down. It was hard knowing we would be saying farewell to our friends, but not for long. 

Said our farewells and headed through customs. Had to pay for extra baggage. First leg to Dubai, one hour stop over and then onto Melbourne. Arrived one hour early at 8.30pm to be met by Mike, Jono and Merryn. Rich was at a wedding. 

Arrived home in Shepp to be greeted by this. 

What wonderful friends we have all over the world. Nfrighbours over the road were asleep, so headed down the road to Ben’s parents to welcome new year in. Kids then took us out to Katsndra to see our Katandra friends.

Finally arrived home at 4.00pm and crashed.

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