Wednesday, October 7.

Jumped off the bus to find this. Polish people are mad keen about Rugby.   
  Stalin’s gift in daylight.

Su crossing the road outside the Conservitorium of Music. Check out the piano keyboard crossing.

Headed to the tourist office to check on maps for  Lithunania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Found out where hop on hop off bus started. Needed to give our feet a rest. Interesting that the walking tours had covered a great deal of what we saw on the bus, but the rest was good.


Law courts and Uprising Memorials.

  Jumped off bus and headed to Stalin’s building as we were taking the lift to the top for views of the city.  

Dome inside tge building.


The Roman Goddess, Nike. dedicated to all those Poles who fought in WWII.


John Paul II Church and some interior shots.


Church where the heart of the composer, chopin is interred. even though he died in France, his wish was to have his heart buried in Warsaw.


Met the walking tour guide at the fake palm tree for a night crime tour walk around town. 

We visited the site where the deputy Prine Minister supposedly hung himself, the scene of Warsaw’s biggest bank robbery, the scene of the shoot out between the Communist Police and the Polish underground, and where one of their Presidents was asssinated by the Communists. What an interesting tour.

The remains of the collenade of the Saxki Palace in the memorial square. It now houses the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

  Belvedere Hotel where the Rolling Stones stayed when they played in Warsaw during the Communism years. Story goes that they were paid with Communist money, which was worthless outside Poland. Knowing this they bought a stack of Vodka. Apparently it filled a railway goods van. When they reached the border they could not take it through as it was too much. So they sent it back to the Belvedere where the  guests had free Vodka for the next three years. Fact or fiction. Good story though. 
Tour over we caught the bus back to Myrtle exhausted as usual.

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