Wednesday, September 30.

Headed into town, dropping Perry’s bags in a locker at Alexander Platz. We would collect them later on the way to the airport.

Off to the Bauhaus Museum, a design school established to link art, design, technology and the trades. I have been using this style of design at school for years, and Sarah as an architect, is very interested in it also. 

No photos are allowed in the museum, however I did take some in the gift shop to give everyone an idea of what it is all about. 

They also created houses and sustainable living examples. They were very concerned with how materials influence design, simplicity of design and designing for a need.

This done we headed for Alender Platz to collect the luggage and train to the airport. We had a late lunch, last supper at the airport before fare welling our dear friends.  

 That done we headed back to Myrtle and postulate the fact that it was just the two of us again for another couple of months.

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