Monday, September 28.

Headed into Berlin via the bus at the front of camp, then tram to train and then metro to centre. Sounds a lot but only 12kms. Alighted at Hackescher Market.  

 As we walked along the platform Lynton noticed someone in front of us. He called out Mark and the guy turned around. It was Sarah’s old boss from the UK. He and his staff had come over to run the Berlin Marathon, which was yesterday. Lucky you still don’t work for him Sarah, a marathon is a long way.👣👣👣👣👣

Sarah and Su went to look at a wool shop, while Lynton and I raided the hole in the wall. Girls back, shop closed,😊😊, so decided to eat lunch before dallying forth. 

 Jumped on hop on/hop off bus at Alexander Platz, for look around.  


The infamous Rhiestag building
One of many museums.

Bullet holes from the war.
Dome of the Cathedral
Reflections off the Park Inn
Hor dog seller
Fell off bus and headed back to Myrtle for dinner by the lake.


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