Friday, August 28.

From the camp at Versailles, we headed to the train into Paris for the tourist bit.

Jumped out at Paris Austerlitz and headed towards the Bastille, site of the rebellion. 

Jumped on the hop on bus to get a better view of where to go. Past the Arch de Triumphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Cur, the Pantheon, Palace de Invalides, Mont Parnesse, and the Sienne, all of which we would revisit. 

Jumped off at Notre Dame and joined the queue. Su and I had been here seven years ago, so there were many things that brought back memories. It also reminded me that I had to notify Notre Dame at home what my intentions were for next year. 

Finishing in the cathedral at 7.00pm we walked across the square to a restaurant for dinner. A local at the next table told us which mines to have with which courses. Six courses, won’t be doing that again. 


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