Sunday, August 2. 

Game today, walked to Metro and caught the train into the city centre. Caught bus down to the river for a two hour cruise. 

 This gave us a completely different look at the city and it’s wonders. Wouldn’t you know it, just after we hopped on board it decided to downpour with rain. Luck was with us and it passed in a few minutes and out came the sun. 

Pushing upstream we passed the Parliament building on one side and the Royal Castle and cathedrals on the other 

Parliament Building
Royal Palace
Margaret Bridge. it has a 210 degree bend in it. from the Buda side to Margaret Island and the from the island to the Pest side.
Chain Bridge
Back on land we caught the bus and headed to the New York Cafe, the number one cafe in the world with Michelin status, for a very late lunch/early dinner. This is a cafe to be seen and the food was amazing. We had to cue to get a seat. 



Left cafe and headed for the river where we  were catching a bus for a night tour. On the way we passed the zero kms marker for Hungary. 

Caught the bus at 8.30 and off we went. Another great sunset.

Tour completed we caught a taxi back to camp, rehydration at the restaurant and bed.

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