Monday, July 27

Woke to rain, the first since we left the UK, so decided to head for Bled in the north of Slovenia. It was a huge trip, all of 63 kms. The rain stopped as we crossed from one valley to the next, although it was still overcast when we arrived in Bled.  

 Found the camp ground on the foreshore if the lake. For those who donor know, bled and Bled Lake are one of natures surprises. Set up and wandered down to the foreshore to find the local boats called Pletnas.  

 These take tourists from the foreshore out to the only island in Slovenia in the middle of the lake. It takes about 30 mins to get there, but the scenery and the church on the island are worth the ride. On arrival at the island you are greeted by a staircase with 94 steps.  







 Exercise again. Once at the top you have great views of the lake and the town and villages around the lake. Around 6,000 people live around the lake. 

We looked through the old church, rang the bell for good luck, looked through the glass floor at medieval church ruins and then climbed the clock tower for a better loll at the surrounding area. Bonus was that as we arrived at the clock mechanism, it struck 4.00 and we were able to watch this 1300 year old pendulum clock in operation. It was magical watching the mechanisms operate, ringing the chimes, rewinding the counter weights and gears and shekels spinning in harmony. Oh, and the views were pretty spectacular too.  


















Back down the tower, quick look in the gift shop and back on the boat for the return trip. The water in the lake was a pleasant 22 and a deep green in colour. This is due to plankton in the water. Lake Bled has been the site a many world championship rowing regattas due to its stillness and being protected by the surrounding mountains. 

On arrival back at the shore we notice a small road train which carried visitors around the lake. We jumped on and found that we could jump on and off wherever we wanted to. Climbed off in the town centre and went for a walk. At the camp ground we had tried to organize a trip on the Emerald River. We just happened to walk past their office in town so dropped in. They would text us at 7.30 to confirm for tomorrow.  

Hopped back on train and continued around the lake back to camp. Raise the supermarket at the camp, a little rehydration in the bar and back to Myrtle to prepare dinner. Text arrived at 7.30 to confirm tomorrow. 8.00 am pick up out the front. 

Just to explain, the Emerald River trip involves driving from Bled through the Vrsic Pass, hiking to the start of the Soca River, lunch in Bovec, white water rafting on the Soca River, visiting the cave waterfall and then returning to Bled by train. More tomorrow.

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