Sunday, July 26

Caught bus into town. Going to the City Museum. On the way we heard a band playing down an alley. Wandered down to find 40 plus musicians in a court warming up. We decided to watch for a while and we were impressed. It was a Tyrolean band or Oompa band, but for some reason we started to refer to them as the Oompa Loompa band. They were amazing. 


Unfortunately we had to leave as our day pass expired at twelve and we wanted to see the museum. As well as their general exhibition on the history of the city, there was also an exhibition on water from Roman times to the present day. It was fascinating to see actual Roman ruins underneath the museum which included sewerage drains and lead water pipes still in situ. In heavy rains, the drains still operate moving water under the city.  

 Part of the museum is a roman walk of around five kms, which highlight various roman buildings and structures which are still visible. These include a wall about a kilometre long, former house complete with hyper clauses, which was their form of underground heating, Cemetry and various statues. All very interesting and the exercise did not hurt. 

 Malnutrition and thirst began to set in so we headed for the river to find a restaurant. Found one on a floating pontoon where the food was great and the ales thirst quenching. 

With rain threatening we decided to make our way back to Myrtle.

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