Tuesday, June 16        

Camped at The Old Brickyard Camping ground overnight. One road in and one road out. Same road. Have to be checked out by 11.30 and you cannot check in until 2.00. That is because the lane is so narrow and there is cnowhere to pass for five miles. 

We had to duck back to Horsey as someone I am related to left some paperwork in the church. Only a fourth five minute trip. That done we headed to Blickling Manor. Lord Lothian, who was the former owner, was responsible for drafting and introducing a bill into parliament, which enabled estates to be handed to the National Heritage Trust and therefore not fall into disrepair, as have many other estates. 

This was due in part to the enormous taxes the owners had to pay and the cost of up keeping the historic buildings. The estate still operates all the businesses as before, however the lands are leased from the trust by farmers etc, thereby enabling the whole estate to fully function. The manor is now operated by the trust and is open to the public seven days a week. Concerts are regularly held in the main hall. Fiona Morehouse, who comperes the Antique Roadshow in Aus, and also reads the news on BBC2, was compereing a wartime concert the next week.

The buildings are amazing, with a great deal of it built in a Jacobean style, furniture stairways and wall panelling. A highlight was the Blickling Players performing in the library. We watched the War Years, as the east wing of Blickling was used for accommodation by the RAF during the war years. This was because their was an airfield close by, as we have found during our travels, every town or village is located near an airfield. Enjoy the photos.



View looking from the Greek Temple back towards the house.      

This is a Sitooitit. Scottish for Sit Out In It.


Leaving Blickling, we headed to camp at The Brickpit


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