8th June 

Headed of to Leeds with Sarah, as she was off to talk to an Architect firm. Left Sarah and headed to the Art Hallery only to find it is shut on Monday. Had a coffee on the tiled room at the library and then headed to the city centre for a wander around.                                           
Many interesting buildings, but none more than the Corn Exchange. An elliptical building, three stories high, with a fully enclosed roof. Lookedr to like the inside of an airship, or what I believe the inside of an airship travel would look like. Originally it was where the corn was brought for sale, but has been converted into boutique shops. 

Sarah met us here and we had morning tea and then walked to the car to go to Holmfirth where Rowan Wool has their outlet shop. This took longer than it should as there was an accident on the M62, in the early hours of the morning, and it was now 6.00pm, traffic was backed up for 20 miles in both directions. It took us an hour to go 200 yards. Lucky I was in the back and knew how to nap. 

Left Holmfirth and went cross country through Barnsley, Doncaster, Hatfield and Brigg back to Nettleton. Apparently, on the way back, due to the copious amount of conversation in the front, we missed the turn at Hatfield and had to take another detour at Thorne. This cannot be verified as I was again practicing my napping skills, but I do have it on very good authority. 
Maybe next time someone says, ‘would you like to go of a ride to Leeds?’, one might think twice. Caught up on some sleep though.            


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