Shepparton – 16 April 2022

Well it has been a while since my last blog, and boy have there been some changes in our lives. It all started in August 2021, when I visited my GP, Glenn, as I had a pain in my lower back. A blood test revealed I had multiple myeloma in the blood. It was producing excess protein which was blocking my kidneys. Hence the pain. That was a Tuesday. By Wednesday evening I was in an air ambulance on my way to Melbourne, where I would stay for the next 10 weeks. All during Covid and no visitors. Chemo and dialysis three days a week, and loosing 16 kilos. Chemo hasn’t been too bad, still have hair, but lost taste and appetite for a while. Now on a regime of 8 days in Melbourne and 16 days at home. Tiring, but that’s what needs to happen. To top it all off, on my last visit to Melbourne, a fellow patients visitor brought in Covid, so yes I was one of the lucky ones. Symptoms were a scratchy throat and a slight cough. Was no happy Jan. 🤬 I have had a stem cell harvest and hopefully will find out next week when the stem cell transplant will happen.

In the meantime Bess sits under her new awning waiting for us to venture out. Su has even obtained her truck licence so she can assist with the driving.

One thought on “Shepparton – 16 April 2022

  1. Dear Gary, it’s lovely to hear from you in the blog again. We’re so deeply sad about everything you’ve been through and are sending our love and prayers to you and Su.
    Hopefully, it won’t be too long before you can take Bess out again. And, hopefully, we’ll see you either in Nettleton or Ox in the not too distant future. Jules. Xxx


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