Friday, June 28.

Up early to catch the 8.45am ferry from Rosslare. Pulled into the ferry port to check in and was sent to the priority boarding lane. We were travelling club class, which includes meals and better seating, and also includes priority boarding, unbeknown to us. So when everyone else is still boarding, we were tucking into breakfast on deck 11, directly behind the wheelhouse.

Very uneventful crossing, around four hours. Something must have tickled his fancy.

Finally landfall in Wales.

Captain did a great job of reverse parking. Priority loading must mean priority off loading also, we were first off and on our way to London, 180 miles and five hours away. Yep you read five hours, Friday afternoon, even including motorways would still take five hours from Pembroke in Wales to London outskirts.

Finally arrived at the motel we were dropping Phil off to his daughter Paige. Both happy to see each other. It has been great spending time with Phil. It is the longest we have been together since I was sixteen, when I left Forbes to join the Air Force. Fifty years had flown, Hope we don’t leave it that long again.

Said our goodbyes and headed to our campground about 15 miles away. Will catch up again on Sunday. Would spend tomorrow relaxing and getting ready to collect Linda on Monday morning from Heathrow for the next month of touring.

2 thoughts on “ROSSLARE TO LONDON

  1. Hello my favourite travellers,’enjoying your blog and beautiful pictures. Meet Linda on Thursday before she flew out and she was very excited for her adventure. Miss you both sending big hugs and kisses xxx


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