Monday, August 20.

Today we continued heading south, first stopping at Penrith to look at Penrith Castle. Castle is located smack in the centre of town so we parked in the Aldi car park opposite. Saw this Panther Callista parked opposite.

What a great natural covered way.

This was in a flower garden near the entrance to the castle.

Like many castles it was changed many times.

The great bastions are still evident today, 550 years later.

Some of the gardens next door in the park.

On the road again towards Brough Castle between Carlisle and Durham. We had driven past it many times on the motorway but haven’t stopped.

An alter from around 3AD.

A Roman roadside marker.

Love a vaulted ceiling.

Tough on the ankles.

No points for guessing what this is. Hint, it requires sitting.

Barbican running around the outside.

Why hadn’t someone thought of this earlier. A table to accommodate wheel chairs.

A very tall keep.

No system here, just thrown together.

If only they could talk.

Reinforcement for the floor above.

Smart building on a river.

Looking down into the courtyard. The circular we’ll still holds water.

Not a happy Chappy.

If you look closely in the following photos you can see the remains of the Roman fort and settlement which once stood in the adjacent field. It covered around 100 acres. The small ridges are the remnants of the external walls.

Back to Bess and onto our next camp ground at Stoke on Trent.

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