Tuesday, August 14.

Off today to enjoy a couple of shows and then som more tourist stuff. First phot is taken from exactly the same spot as yesterday. Weather changes very quickly.

Into town for the first show. Not kidding, the show was about knitting songs from the two world wars. Called, Stitch in Time, performed by Canadian opera singer Melanie Gall.

She was very good and we are now proud owners of two knitting songs CD’s.😯😯

Nite for lunch and off for the next show. The same lady but performing the songs of Piaf and Brel.

What an amazing voice, and all in French. We had organised to go to another show, but for some reason, she did not turn up.

Decided to play tourist and walked down the Golden Mile to visit Holyroodhouse, the Edinburgh home of the Queen. Holyroodhouse has been used by royalty from the times of James IV, around 1500.

Courtyard inside the palace.

No photos were allowed inside but will try a few from the book.

The Throne room.

Obviously, the dining room.

The Grand Staircase and magnificently plastered ceiling.

The Morning Drawing room.

The Evening Drawing room.

The Kings Bedchamber.

Tam O’Shanter Chair.

The Great Gallery.

A wander through the grounds.

Remains of the original Abbey buildings.

One very inattentive guard.

Rear of the palace.

Arthur’s seat and the Salisbury Crags next door, and that guard has got the wanders.

Right next door is the remains of Holyrood Abbey, where James IV was married in 1503.

Great and amazing stonework.

Interesting, this bloke looks like a koala.

That done, we wandered back up the Royal Mile to look for an eatery and watch the passing parade.

Apparently he is doing the walk of shame from Game of Thrones.

Met this hilarious couple from Middlesbrough, Jillian and Yusef, both retired teachers too.

Great dinner and company. The hours just rolled by, could have been the amber, and it was time to head back to Bess. Said goodbye to our newfound friends and headed to the bus stop after another great day in Edinburgh.


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