Tuesday, July 17.

Today we are off to Pembroke to catch the ferry to Ireland.

Driving onto the ferry.

Looks not crowded, but the lower deck was chockers.

On the way out to the Irish Sea. Pembroke from the water.

Very industrialised.

An old fort on the way out the heads.

45 minutes and finally we can see the open sea.

Skokholm Island off Wales.

Grassholm Island, off the coast of Wales.

Lighthouse Island in the middle of the straits.

Great company. Hey guys this is a holiday.

Coast of Ireland in view.

Still at it.

Just too much for this one. Perhaps the pace has been too hectic.

Looks like a storm front moving through.

Trucks lined up at Rosslare.

Time to leave the ship.

Rosslare on the way out.

Found the camp ground at Ferrybridge in County Wexford by the sea.

Just happens to be a pub outside the campground. Bugger.

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