Sunday, July 15.

Caught the bus into Bath, after exchanging addresses with our new Aussie friends from Byron Bay.

Bath on a sunny day. Bathed in sunshine.

First stop, the Roman Baths as a service was underway in the Cathedral.

Not too keen on the colour of the water, one too many Romans been in that.

Model of what it used to look like. Covered an area equal to 14 football fields.

The map shows in red where the Romans came from who visited Bath.

One of the many mosaics that used to adorn the floors of the bath.

The dolphin mentioned above.

Lyle, here is some for you.

Actual Lewis hole in a granite block.

Part of the drainage system which carried the water back to the Avon river.

These are amazing bricks. There was a video running which showed how it was done. Very ingenious.

Just to prove we were actually there.

Section of roof truss which used to be over the main bath.

Roman finger marks in one of the bricks in the truss.

Brown line shows where the water mark was prior to restoration. Water level is now where it would have been in Roman times.

Royal seat in the royal bath.

An amazing and complex construction. They certainly knew what they were doing.

Next up, Bath Abbey. Note the angels climbing the ladders on each side.

This one is falling.

Great doors.

The architecture inside is even more amazing.

The marble font.

The font’s carved wooden cowl.

Beautiful carvings. Unfortunately the choir was being worked on so couldn’t look at its lovely carvings.

Great windows.

Huge organ.

Wonder if he is related to the Montagu of Horsey game?

Abbey done we headed for a coffee. Trust these two to find this dign.

Talented individual, pup is not finished.

Another use for old phone boxes.

Row after row in every direction.

Stumbled across this on the way to the Royal Circle. Thought it quite relevant for us Aussies.

Shots of the Royal Circle. Four buildings built to form a perfect circle.

Well used boot scrape.

Moved on to Royal Crescent. One building forming half a circle. Appears to have been a great deal of money about in those times.

Panorama distorts it slightly.

This gives an idea of what it would have looked like then.

Yes Lynda it is 17, but sadly not yours.

Next stop the Bath Fashion Museum. The museum is one of the worlds great museum collections of historical and contemporary dress. We were going to see, A History of Fashion in 100 Objects, dating from the 1600’s to the present day.

Look and enjoy.

The other exhibition was Royal Women, Alexandra, Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Sophie.

The museum itself wasn’t too shabby either.

Back down to the river for a boat ride.

St Michaels Church.

More of those great buildings.

This might look like any other road, but it is actually a bridge. Shops down each side. Photos later of it from the side.

One of the many cascades built along the river to maintain water levels. The water levels were needed to operate the water wheels running industries along the river.

This is what the bridge looks like from the pretty side.

Scenery along the river.

This is the dearest, privately owned toll bridge in the UK. Costs £1.80 to travel 75 yards.

Another cascade up river. Yes that is people in the water. Temp is around 28 degrees.

The ugly side of the side of the bridge can be seen in the distance.

A peaceful cruise over we headed in search of somewhere to eat. We have had a great time in Bath and will move on tomorrow. It was fairly roudy, given the French had just won the World Cup. Guessing their will be quite a few sore heads in the morning.

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