Sunday, March 18.

Alas, alas, when things look bad, they get worse. Awoke this morning to a total whiteout. Overnight we had a dump of snow. Don’t see this in Shepparton, so it was a bonus.

House over the road. Guess they aren’t going anywhere.

View looking up the street towards Mansgate Hill.

Church opposite. Looks like the residents are on ice.

Sarah’s car is under that.

Wandered down to the Done Deal for morning tea. Local kids out enjoying themselves.

Kids heading up Mansgate Hill.

Even bigger kids!

Pretty as a picture.

Guess we will not be sitting outside.

Knitted flowers in the Done Deal.

Suitably warmed, headed black to house to jump in the Landie to have a look further up the hill at nature’s work.

Military radar at the top of the hill.

One unlucky chappie. Abandoned, stuck fast.

Snow plough has been through here.

White everywhere. So much so that the concert we had come over for has been postponed as the main attraction is unable to get here due to the snow. Disappointing for Sarah, as she has put so much effort into it, but we did surprise her by turning up.

Apologies to all those at home who did not know, but we had to keep it a secret so Lynton and Sarah would not find out. With everyone using electronic media these days, we had to be very careful.

Having a quite afternoon and heading out for dinner later, given that we were going to a concert. All good though.

One thought on “NETTLETON

  1. Bet you are loving the white holiday ☃️Fiji wasnt quite like that 🏝😉. Enjoy 😄 Linda and Pete


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