Wednesday, April 19.

Headed south for a couple of hours this morning to view the site which contains the temples of the first two rulers of modern Vietnam. This are is a sacred site to all Vietnamese.

The temples are located in a valley of amazing beauty.

Remains and artefacts of the original Royal Palace.

Emporor number one.

Emporor number two.

Actual burial place of first Emporor is on top of this mountain.

Lunch and then an amazing experience. A six kilometre boat ride on the river. The photos speak for themselves.

Oh should have told you the boats are foot powered.

Through limestone caves.

Rice is grown along the river edges.


What an experience. The whole Vietnamese experience has been superb, and sadly tomorrow we head back to Hong Kong. The last two weeks have flown, but we have done some amazing things. Tppped of with our stay at the Metropole, Hanoi’s only five star hotel, which is a French provincial design, similar to Raffles in Singapore.

View of the hotel at night.

Picked this sort up on the way to my room.

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