Monday, April 17.

Up early, some for tai chi, others for the fantastic sunrise.

On to the tender and off to climb Ti Top, for a panoramic view of the bay. Yep all the way up there. 477 steps up and down, and another heart attack. All before 8.30am!

The city of Ha Long in the distance.

What’s she smiling for? Views were actually fantastic.

Back down and out to our boat for a shower and breakfast, and trip back to land.

Ha Long.

Do we have to get off.

A truelly amazing experience, and another UNESCO site ticked off. Recommend coming here.

Collected and transported back to Hanoi where we are staying three nights at Metropole hotel, built in 1901, in the French traditional style.

Having a quiet couple in the beer garden.

Waiting for taxi for ride to restaurant. Actually raining. Check out the two light 25 Citroens in the back ground.

Another superb dinner before retiring for the night. Early start tomorrow, 6.30 breakfast and this is supposed to be a holiday. You only live once and we may not come this way again. Another song!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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