Monday, June 13.

Up early and headed off to Liverpool. Three hour trip due to traffic on the motorway. Lynton dropped us at the Albert Dock. Headed onto the dock for morning tea. Found the tourist information Centre, and underneath was the Beatles museum and cafe.

We then headed around to the Maritime Museum to see if we could find any information on Peter and Christian Neilsen who supposedly left for Australia from Liverpool. No luck with crew or passenger lists as England didn’t have them to 1890. The lists though, will be in the Melbourne Immigration Museum. Work to do when we arrive home.

We did find information on their ship, the Red Jacket Clipper, in which they sailed.

Jumped on the hop on bus for a look around.

Outside the Cavern Bar where the Beatles first started.

Cathedral which was bombed during the early. The clock stopped at 12.00, and has not moved for seventy six years. There’s are no internals to the cathedral.

Church of England cathedral.

Catholic cathedral. Started before the war, changed architect after the war as they could not afford to complete the original.

City Library and Museum.

Beatles statue on the waterfront.

Hooked on this bird.

Will definitely return to Liverpool later in our journey.

2 thoughts on “LIVERPOOL

  1. Hi Guys don’t know if my first message went through, Wayne is away with Ailsa & Alan until the 27th June. He has an operation on the 7th of July and will be away for 6 weeks. He doesn’t work Friday’s or every second weekend home 01513553793 mobile 07584430064 love to you both Shel & Col 💕💕


    1. Received both messages. We will work out where we will be. Both well. Are you or Col on Viber? It is a free app where we can call or video call for nothing.😘😘


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