Monday, May 30.

Shepp station about to board train to Melbourne. Guess who is excited?

At Melbourne airport. Through Customs. Waiting, waiting.

Our ride has arrived.


  1. Still trying to figure out where you are headed to.
    We are in Eindhoven NL, coincidentally we are spending today with Andre and Ria,Moho we met at Verdun at the same moment we met you.
    It is raining here though.
    Fraser and Lita Gill


    1. Fly into Heathrow on the 31st at 2.3m. Train to Nettleton near Hull to collect our new motorhome. Our plan is to wander round Scotland and Ireland till Setember 12. Leave motorhome at Nettleton, fly home and go back similar time next year. Hope we can catch up while we are there.
      Su and Gary


      1. Great. I remembered you saying you intended to ‘do’ the UK and Ireland. Our friends are picking us up in 45 mins. We were going to bike, but the rain is heavy and there is thunder in the air!
        We will be returning to Whitley Bay around 24th August, so if you want a bed for a night or two, you’d be very welcome.
        Keep in touch and enjoy it. Lots of wild camping in Scotland, although we haven’t done any …….yet!
        Bon Voyage


  2. Yay, tipping you are well settled already. Your new trees have had some wonderful rain over the last few days. Enjoy. Pete and Linda xx


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