Tuesday, December  8.

Sun is shining. A typical English winter day. At the moment it looks as though we may not have a white Christmas.  

Have spent the last two days sorting out our accumulated stuff to work out what is baggage and what is to be shipped home.   

Su busily working out distances and costs. 

 We are also tidying up and doing maintenance to Myrtle in preparation to selling her. If you know of anyone who wants a motorhome in Europe? Just joking.šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰ She has served us well, covering in excess of 31,000 kms since January, and has not failed us once. Other than two flat tyres, which on reflection, we should have replaced when we put new ones on the front.

Sarah home from work, 7.30pm, so it’s dinner time.

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